Breaking News! We’re excited to announce that our Bitcoin-backed banknotes will drop Spring/Summer 2022, and the best part — you can be among the first to own one by securing your place in line during our free VIP reservation period.

You’re gonna want to get your hands on our top-of-the-line and first-of-its-kind physical Bitcoin banknote, combining the familiarity and convenience of paper money and the utility and security of digital currency — the best of both worlds. Reserve now before reservation fees (and FOMO) kick in.

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Noteworthy’s Crypto-Backed Banknotes: Driving Cryptocurrency Adoption for Mainstream Users

From the ashes of the Global Financial Crisis in 2008, the world learned that our institutions and banks are far more vulnerable than we had previously believed, and thus Bitcoin and all of its descendants were born. For all of the…

Understanding — let alone investing in — bitcoin has been challenging for the everyday consumer since its launch in 2009. The inevitably technical words and concepts — blockchains, decentralization, ledgers, public and private keys, secp256k1, elliptic curves, Merkle roots — overwhelm.

Add in the risk of theft, wallet loss, firmware…


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