FTX devastation delivers yet another golden opportunity to buy Bitcoin

As the FTX scandal shines a bright light on how effective regulatory frameworks are still sorely needed in the blockchain industry, one asset is proving that it will weather this latest storm just as steadfast as it has every other crypto scandal: That crypto asset is, and could only be, Bitcoin.

Rewinding through the list of recent crypto regulatory failures such as TerraLuna, Celsius and now FTX, we clearly see that each time Bitcoin was tested, it emerged as a stronger, more enduring symbol for the virtues of true decentralisation that stands immune to the temptations of personal ambition and greed. And after the dust settles, Bitcoin will certainly be more trusted than ever, having gracefully stepped across to the other side of yet another industry scandal.

In fact, each time a major crisis has gripped the crypto industry, it has amounted to nothing less than a golden opportunity for accumulating more Bitcoin. As Baron Rothschild said, “the time to buy is when there is blood in the streets.” This time will be no different for Bitcoin.

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