What are cryptonotes?

2 min readNov 22, 2022


Peter S. Brown, Senior Vice President, Sales at Noteworthy

Cryptonotes are physically fungible, counterfeit-resistant, denominated crypto money that enable trustless and anonymous in-person transactions in the real world. Cryptonotes uniquely blend the simplicity, anonymity and accessibility of banknotes together with the scarcity and anti-inflationary benefits of cryptocurrencies as no other technology can. Each cryptonote provides its owners a highly fungible currency that can never be frozen, seized or sanctioned by any government, bank or exchange. In the spirit of the famed Austrian Economist, Ludwig von Mises, cryptonotes are perhaps the purest example of “the people’s money.”

Noteworthy has defined cryptonotes to possess all of the following attributes, without any one of which, a note would not meet the basic test for being a fully fungible and secure cryptonote asset.


  1. are always issued to the public as loaded assets
  2. always have a printed denomination
  3. have a securely printed and cloaked private key to enable physical exchange without blockchain fees
  4. enable instant validation of funds
  5. are designed and printed with the world’s most advanced anti-counterfeit technology

What distinguishes a cryptonote from other wallet solutions?

Because cryptonotes are always issued as an asset bearing real value, when a user comes across one, it can only ever possess one of two states:

  1. As a live monetary instrument bearing value: From its inception and distribution into the market, a cryptonote possesses its full denominated value of cryptocurrency in its published public wallet address. This value is secured by the world’s most advanced anti-counterfeit printing technology, which can be verified on the spot directly from the blockchain within seconds from any smartphone with an internet connection.
  2. As a retired and voided crypto asset: After a cryptonote’s value has been spent or redeemed, the cryptonote essentially becomes a souvenir that is marked as invalid for any future use as a fungible cryptonote. A cryptonote with an exposed private key will forever be a retired monetary instrument.

Use cases

The very nature of cryptonotes being a physical asset opens up several new trillion dollar market opportunities that have previously been inaccessible to mainstream crypto assets, including:

  • The $1.5 trillion worldwide cash giving and gift card market
  • A deflationary alternative to traditional private vault assets like gold ($2T) and fiat cash ($1.2T)
  • A circulating currency in countries where bitcoin has been formally adopted as legal tender
  • A new vehicle for financial inclusion and personal empowerment in developing economies where trust in institutions and government is low

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